Most San Antonio Costume Shops don't offer look-alikes. But our San Antonio Costumes For Rent are unique and fun for people of all ages.
San Antonio
Costume Rentals
by Classy Clowns
Most of our costumes rent for $65 (24 hours) with
a $200
refundable deposit (if returned on time and
with no damage). The Strawberry Cake Girl and
Turtle Ninja only $50!!
Easter Bunnies start at $49!
Call us for information about costumes for rent
in San Antonio.
This page is for Costumes
For Rent in San Antonio.
if you need a clown!
Frequently Asked Questions:
Q) Hablas Espanol?
A) Si - Desfraces de Classy Clowns -- Hablamos Espanol!
Q) Where are you located?
506 Jackson Keller - San Antonio 78216 (Jackson Keller at San Pedro)
Q) Can I show up for a costume without calling/making an appointment?
A) No, costumes are rented and received by appointment only.
Q)What are your hours of operation?
Our hours are flexible, but all pick ups and drop offs are done by appointment only.
Q) What are my payment options?
A) Cash or Credit Card. Checks are only an option for pre-payments (more than a week in advance) or
corporate accounts.
Q) How long can I keep the outfit? - What if it is late?
A) The standard rental is for up to 24 hours. The time-period may vary during high-demand periods such as
Christmas & Easter. There is a late fee for overdue rentals during Easter/Christmas. If a outfit is kept for
additional days, the daily rate will continue to accrue for each day you have the costume. Honesty is the best
policy, we will work with you to make reasonable extensions or allow early pickups under most circumstances
(eg: provided the costume has not been reserved for the following day, etc).
Q)Do you provide shipping services?
A) Due to extensive costume damage from past shipping-based customers - we will no longer ship costumes or
allow customers to ship the outfits back to us.
Q) Are these characters syndicated or trademarked?
A) We do not rent syndicated characters! Our characters are designed to be elaborate "look-alikes" --
impersonators -- but their appearance is modified slightly from their famous counterparts and we do not use the
syndicated names for our characters. We also advise you to not use the syndicated names, just to be safe.
However, children still enjoy the characters just the same!
Q) What precautions would we take while dressed?
A) Try to avoid extreme heat while dressed and take frequent cool-off breaks. Avoid elaborate movements to
avoid falling, use marching steps when walking. Have someone guide you when walking. Supervise children so
they don't push or tug on you. We are not responsible for injuries due to not following precautions when you
rent from us. You are responsible for keeping the outfit clean and in good repair.
Q) What happens if the suit is damaged or soiled or parts are missing?
A)  All costumes should be inspected before leaving the premises to ensure there is no damage before you rent
and all the parts are included. After the suit leaves our business, the client must pay for pay for cleaning, repair
or replacement if the outfit is excessively dirty or damaged or if parts are missing. If a cash deposit is left we
will use the cash for repair or replacement costs - if not the repair/repalacement costs will be billed on your
credit card.
Q) What if we decide not to return the costume?
COSTUME THEFT WILL NOT BE TOLERATED and will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law! Daily
fees will continue to accrue for up to 2 weeks after the due date. And your deposit will not be refunded.
 If you want a
costume to keep, let us know and we'll direct you to a legal and MUCH less expensive way to purchase the
costume than stealing one of ours.
Q) Which costumes do you have?
A) Winnie look-alike, Too Dee look alike (Yo Gabba * Gabba), Buzzy the Astronaut (a Buzz Lightyear
look-alike),Mickey Mouse look-alike, Dora look-alike, Elmo look-alike, Diego look-alike, Minnie Mouse
look-alike, Bugs Bunny look-alike, Strawberry girl, Sponge Bob look-alike Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, Hello
Kitty Cat look-alike, Barney Look-alike,  etc. We also have Mardi Gras and belly dancer costumes for rent.
Q) Do you offer any discounts?
A) Nonprofit organizations (including churches and schools) using a costume during the week can request a
10% discount (does not apply to Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny). Discounts may also apply for the rental of
multiple (3+) costumes (does not apply on Christmas or Easter). Call us for more information.
Q) What is the condition of the costume?
A) The costumes are in good condition but cannot be perfect because they are used costumes.
Q) Do you sell costumes?
A) VERY rarely. We specialize in costume rentals. But, we do design clown outfits for professional clowns.
Los desfraces estan grandes para adultos. Hablamos Espanol! This is a Diego look-alike, he is very popular for school shows - especially along side Dora!
This is the newest addition to our costume rentals inventory: A fun and friendly astronaut. We have Elmo, Barney, Mickey Mouse, Sponge Bob, Hello Kitty, and Mickey Mouse Look-Alikes!!
Costumes for rent. This is our Hello Kitty Costume. Hello Kitty is one of our most popular rentals. Book her in advance to ensure she's available.
This is a dino-rific guy! We are one of the more unique costume shope specializing in Cartoon LOOK ALIKES. This is a Barney look-alike. He looks like Barney and the kids will love him. I love you, you love me -- catchy song, no?
*506 Jackson Keller Rd.
San Pedro at Jackson Keller.
By Appointment ONLY  
(This is a home-business, no drop-ins please!)
Se Rentan Desfraces
*Solamente Con Cita
Our gray Easter bunny suits look alot like a favorite cartoon too and can be rented year-round. This is a popular Easter bunny suit. Easter bunny rentals are available here. We have differant rabbit costumes for rent in San Antonio and suits depending on your budget and preferences.
This is Sponge Bob and Patrick. We can rent Sponge Bob by himself or you can rent them as a set, either way they will be the hit of the party!
We hope that our costumes will suit you well for any event. Thanks for visiting our website.
Thank you for visting us, if you have any questions -- please call us. Remember we are a home-based business and we rent all costumes by appointment only.
Our Owner,
Esmeralda, is a
member of Team
United States Coast
Guard. We are proud
to serve God, our
country and our
customers in Texas.
We appreciate your
business and hope to
earn your respect and
Looks like Dora and Diego $65
ea or $120 the set. -->
Red Monster looks like
Elmo $65.
Looks like Mickey Mouse + Minnie Mouse
$65 each or $120 for the set.
Barney look-alike! $65
Looks like Winnie
the Pooh $65
We accept Visa and Master Card Credit Cards. Thanks for your patronage. Dora, Sponge Bob, Mickey Mouse, Barney, Hello Kitty, Elmo impersonator costumes for rent. Cash accepted only for the rental fee.
Desfracesde Dora para Fiestas. Desfraces de Dora look-alike. Looks like Dora the Explorer. Costume rentals. Delivery is available upon request! We are the only costume rental company  that delivers (delivery charges may apply).Desfracesde Dora para Fiestas. Desfraces de Dora look-alike. Looks like Dora the Explorer. Costume rentals. Delivery is available upon request! We are the only costume rental company  that delivers (delivery charges may apply).
Mickey Mouse look alike for rent. Thanks for visiting our site, let us know if you have any questions.These outfits fit most adults...Desfraces en San Antonio para servir le.
Red monster. Looks like Elmo. Elmo look-alike. Costumes for rent. Desfraces de Elmo look-alike. He is the same color as Santa Claus. Imagine that!
Looks like TooDee from
Yo Gabba $65
Bugs Bunny look-alike
w/Easter Bunny attire. $65
Looks like Sponge Bob & Patrick
*Note, the person in this picture did not wear
the gloves but gloves are included. $65 ea or
Looks like Buzz
Lightyear $65
Deluxe Bunny $65
Basic bunny $49
Hello Kitty Look-Alike $65
Turtle Ninja and Straberry Cake
Girl are bargains at $50!