Classy Clowns Party Rules/Contract FAQ
Q) Why so many rules?
First, because many of our clients are new to party planning - the rules help them avoid common
mistakes (like booking a clown too early after the party begins). But, secondly, its a sad reality but our
industry attracts a disproportionate number of dishonest and abusive clients. Why? They assume clowns
are unintelligent or uneducated (the owner has 3 degrees) and thus easy to "trick" or manipluate.
Others falsely assume that clowns are easy targets because they are in costume (the costume does not
make us any less human/business owner). Most of our thousands of clients are well-intentioned but the
rules are there (written clearly and posted prominently) to deter abuse from the few rotten apples in the
Q) Why do I have to pay the clown CASH when the clown arrives and not after the show?
A)  When we used to allow clients to pay after the show, we were often left with more excuses (i.e. "oh
the person with the money never showed up") than payments. Sometimes people would use withholding
of payment to get us to stay longer or do more than agreed upon - othertimes they would use the
payment delay as a way sneak in paying with check (at the end of the show we had no choice but to
accept the check and often times it would be bad).
Q) If I pay the clown upon arrival, can the clown leave early or leave out parts of the show?
A)  In most cases, no. We would never betray a clients trust by using pre-payment as an unfair
advantage. Only if the party has become unsafe (i.e if the guests at the show have become excessively
unruly and the clown/clowns property is in jeopardy) will the clown leave early (without refund). Before
we leave in those circumstances we will always give the host the opportunity to fix the problem first.
Q) I scheduled a party and no guests showed up. Can't we just tell the clown we don't want their services
anymore when they arrive?
A) No. By the time the clown arrives at the party, the clown has already gotten into costume and driven
to the show -- (and we booked up a time when we could have served another client). Its not fair for a
client to ask a clown to give up their revenue and time for no payment. We highly reccommend that you
get RSVP's from your guests so you know who is coming.
Q) Can we lose our deposit if we cancel or change a party at the last minute? What about weather?
A) If you cancel your party with less than 72 hours (3 days) notice you may lose your deposit (one
reschedule is allowed for health or weather emergenices). If you give us 3 or more days notice, you get
your deposit back minus a $5.00 processing fee. Please be advised, although every effort will be made to
accommodate you, if you change the date or time or location of your party - the clown may not be
available at your new time. date, or location. If the change affects the clown's ability to attend and it is
made after the 72-hour cut-off, it is treated as a cancelation. To be safe, always have a back-up plan in
case of inclement weather (click
HERE for a 10-day weather forcast). If inclement weather is
approaching, notify Classy Clowns in advance about your intent to cancel to avoid forfeiture of deposit.
Q) Why can't the clown wait for late guests?
A) Weekends are busy for us and the and clowns are scheduled back-to-back with only enough time for
the party and travel time to the next show (no breaks). Note: many times parties are scheduled across
town from each other. This leaves little room for waiting.
Most party guests arrive 1 hour late to birthday
parties so please schedule the clown 1-hour into the party to be safe.
Q) The clown called me on the way to the party and I was busy/had my phone turned off so I didnt
answer. Now the clown didnt show up, why?
A) The clown was probably lost and needed directions. If you don't respond after several attempts- they
will give up. Please answer your phones or return messages left for you by the clown.
Q) If the clown is there, why do the parents still have to supervise the children?
A) Because one clown cannot control multiple children. Plus, a clown in costume will not have the kind
of authority that a parent can. Damage to the host/hostess's property, damage to Classy Clowns
property, or guest injury can occur if chidren (or adults) are acting irresponsibly.
Q)Are your costume characters trademarked?
A) We do not rent or use trademarked characters/costumes. Or characters are "look-alikes" that
resemble their famous cartoon counterparts with slight variations to avoid trademark infringement.
Q) How can my credit card be charged by phone & still be official?
A) The same way it occurs when you make purchases on the internet or by phone. You give a verbal
contract at the time you release your credit card information. All of our disclosures are made open and
publicly on this website to be fair to all parties.
Q) Can we pick our clown or can another clown be substituted for our original?
A) We will do everything possible to honor specific requests but sometimes the clown's schedule
prohibits taking every assignment offered. All of our clowns: Emerald, Sparkles or our sub-contractors
deliver quality shows...
Q) When does a clown booking become official?
A) Upon receipt of your deposit. Without a deposit you are not considered scheduled for a party.
Q) Can I have a discount?
A) Discounts are available for clients offering multiple-hour bookings (3 hours or more) or for
church/corporate/non-profit clients (offering 3 hours or more) but not for birthday parties. Please keep
in mind, Thanks to our many years of customer service Classy Clowns is a very in-demand. We have to
be fair to ALL of our clients and charging some more than others wouldnt be fair.
Q) Is it possible that the clown won't show up?
A) We work very hard to avoid no-shows (by having back-up clowns, etc.). However, on very rare
occasions the clowns have faced car troubles, illnesses, or other "acts of God" that keep us from
performing. Always have a backup plan in place (i.e. other activities to do in case the clown is late or
unable to show up). If we cannot attend due to our own fault, your deposit will be returned promptly.

Q) There are all these rules for the customer, what assurance does the customer
have that Classy Clowns will live up to our expectations!?
A) Good question! When you book with us you are making a verbal contract which means each side is
expecting the other to deliver on their promises. We have been in business over for over 18 years (in
San Antonio and Houston). We have worked with several companies for extended periods of time and we
will be happy to share their name for a reference. Classy Clowns cannot do business this long & have
these kinds of relationships in the industry if we used the rules to abuse our customers. Clowns are
human and are subject to the same imperfections we all are, being caught in traffic, getting sick, etc.
But, we always do everything that is humanly possible to make things right for our clients when that
happens. Nobody likes rules, but remember if we break the rules for one client it may be YOUR party
we show up late to, so we ask that you not cause us to be late to THEIR party either  etc. So they are
there for everyone's benefit. As always, we are available by phone to answer your questions and
concerns. Please allow 24 hours for returned phone calls, especially on Saturdays, but most calls are
returned much sooner.